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Let's Get Social!

Don't miss out on community events sponsored by The Clinic for Special Children, Therapize or one of The Hive members! 

The Hive at the Clinic and Therapize have a fantastic lineup of events on the calendar! You will find:

La Leche Leagues Monthly Meeting

Events with Anchored Therapy Services

Therapize, the Clinic's nonprofit to support the Special Needs Community is the first Saturday of each month at 2 pm

Music Therapy

Lactation Counseling Services FREE Weigh Day Wednesday

Chocolate Milk of Wilmington Monthly Meeting

Drop us a line and tell us what events you are interested in!

Other Happenings in The Hive:

Anchored Therapy Services, Bethany Krek, is located in Office C.

Lactation Counseling Services, Rachael Birkenhauer, can be found in Office B with a resource center in Office A.

News From The Hive!

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