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About The Hive at The Clinic

Welcome to The Hive at The Clinic,

As integrative providers, The Clinic for Special Children continually searches for ways to bring more therapeutic options, information, classes, lectures, screenings, expert educators, and additional resources to the Special Needs and Holistic communities. When the space attached to The Clinic that was formerly home to visual therapy became available, The Clinic jumped on the opportunity to fulfill community needs.

The Hive at The Clinic is the collaboration of ways to treat, educate, inform, and advocate for all people, especially those currently lacking in resources.

The Mission for The Hive at The Clinic is to support a variety of providers both locally and far-flung, by building a membership-based, safe-space to work, gather, and create a non-traditional healthcare community. We believe that by offering a variety of therapeutic treatments, support, and education, from a wide range of providers, we can affect the trajectory of medical choice, treatments, integrative medicine, and overall human health.


Our hope is that The Hive will become a physical and online community that lacks judgment and bias and promotes different thoughts and unique perspectives. The Clinic strives to elevate the opportunities for expert education by offering a space for lectures, classes, screenings, and seminars. Surround yourself with people whose approach to healthcare is what you want to see in the world!

Come check out what all the buzz is about at The Hive!

We are looking forward to growing with you,

Dr. Karen Harum, MD, FAAP, PLLC

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